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    Тип: Материалы к уроку


    Modern life is impossible without traveling. We can travel by cat ,by bus, by bicycle, by train, by ship, by plain. Each kind of travelling has its advantages. The fastest way of traveling is by plain. But it’s expensive. Modern means of traveling have different facilities. The seats in carriages are comfortable. We can sleep, sit, read, enjoy beautiful scenery through the window, put in plains we can see only clouds.

    Cycling is very useful too. We can stop where we like and visit sights of interest, enjoy fresh air. We needn’t keep any time-table or get tickets at the booking office. Traveling is remarkable in all seasons.

    Traveling is always exciting. We meet people ,brand new places, get a lot of impressions. We enjoy the picturesque scenery of these places, explore them and go sightseeing. We learn history, culture and traditions of different lands. We come to know more about music, art literature and famous people. We become more educated. It’s better to see ones than to hear many times. One more thing makes traveling wonderful. You are always looking forward to your trip and then to home coming , returning to our native town, family and friends. And it’s quite natural. We owe much to traveling. It makes us more friendly. A lot of places attract tourists over the world. Foreigners admire a lot of places I Russia too.

    Sometimes your journey turn out to be a real disappointment. It may happen in case the trip is not well organized or bad weather may spoil your plans, or the company who joined your trip may be rather dull and you feel bored during the time you travel, or the place from which you expected much appears to have nothing particular.

    Traveling has much in common with camping and going on hikes. It teaches us discipline, we learn to overcome all kinds of hardships and become strong-willed.

    To travel in mind-that’s remarkable! You don’t have to suffer from standing in long lines to buy a ticket. You don’t feel uncomfortable in the overcrowded transport. You may travel to the remotest places on the same day.


    We often get tired of the same surroundings and daily routine. Hence some relaxation is essential to restore our mental and physical resources. That is why the best place of relaxation in my opinion is the one where you have never been before. And it is by means of traveling that you get to that place.

    To be on the safe side and to spare yourself the trouble of standing long hours in the line you’d better book tickets in advance. All you have to do is to ring up the airport of the railway station booking office and they will send your ticket to your place. And of course before getting off you have to make your preparations.

    You should settle all your business and visit your friends and relatives. On the eve of your departure you should pack your things in a suitcase. When the day of the departure comes, you call a taxi and go to the airport or the railway station.

    For some time you stay in the waiting room. If you are hungry, you take some refreshments. In some time the loud speaker announces that the train or the plain is in and the passengers are invited to take their seats. If you travel by train you find your carriage, enter the carriage and find your berth. It may be a lower berth, which is more convenient or an upper one. You put your suitcase into a special box under the lower seat. Then you arrange your smaller packages on the tracks. In some time the train starts off. Traveling by train is slower than by plain, but it has its advantages. You can see the country you are traveling through and enjoy the beautiful nature. It may be an express train or a passenger one. There is no doubt it’s much more convenient to travel by the express train because it does not stop at small stations and it takes you less time to get to your destination.

    But if you are in a hurry and want to save your time you’d better travel by plain because it’s the fastest way of traveling. After the procedure of registration you board the plain the last. You sit down in a comfortable armchair and in a few minutes you are already above the clouds. After the plain gains its regular height the stewardess brings in some mineral water. You can sit and read a book or a magazine, look through the window to watch the passing clouds change their color grow white to black.

    Some people prefer to travel by ship when possible. A sea voyage is very enjoyable, indeed. But to my mind the best way of traveling is by car. The advantages of this way of spending your holiday are that you don’t have to buy a ticket, you can stop whenever you wish, where there is something interesting to see.

    When you get tired of relaxation, you become home-sick and feel like returning home. You realize that “East or West-home is best”, as the saying goes.

    Источник: englishclub.narod.ru

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